b-anywhere mobile business

If you're looking for a single mobile platform to organize your sales, service and marketing teams, their on-site and off-site tasks and activities, and optimize communication between these departments, the answer is b-anywhere. b-anywhere is a state-of-the-art mobile application suite, integrated w [...]


Business Central

The road to digital transformation does not necessarily have to be a bumpy one. DIS is here to suggest and provide the solutions you need to take your business into the future. Don’t compromise, and don't settle for nothing less than the best. Our unique expertise, combined with Dynamics 365 Busine [...]


Office 365

Increase your productivity by optimizing the office applications you’re already familiar with, in order to work and collaborate from anywhere, anytime and with any device. Top that -depending on the package you’ll choose- with ample cloud storage to store and share your documents with your colleagu [...]


Business Intelligence

As is the case with all businesses, you’re probably receiving data from many different sources and in many different formats. So, how do you collect and sort this data? How do you assess it and, most importantly, what do you do with it? All these questions are a constant headache for management and [...]


Document Management

The 21st century business model is a reality. Modern businesses are no longer restricted to their offices, nor do they rely on printed documents for their internal and external communications. Modern businesses use cloud-based systems and can communicate with their partners, vendors and employees on [...]

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