If you’re in the retail business, the time to upgrade your business operations has come. Digital transformation starts with Dynamics 365 Commerce. It's a complete solution that will help you streamline your operations, personalize customer engagement across every channel and increase your employees [...]


Project Operations

Every business in every industry related to project design and implementation needs a modern solution that unifies the previously individual tools required by project teams, such as project management, time tracking, resource planning, invoicing. Since we’re living in a digital and highly competiti [...]


Field Service

Field engineers visiting a customer’s premises need detailed information in order to resolve the problem and, at the same time, improve their productivity and your business image. Dynamics 365 Field Service is an end-to-end advanced solution, using modern technology to identify and resolve issues [...]


Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Customer loyalty should be a top priority for your business. Expectations are constantly increasing and customers require prompt and relevant responses in all communication channels - even on the go. Dynamics 365 Customer Service is the solution you need to make the d [...]



Dynamics 365 Sales If you’re wondering what else you could do to convert your contacts to growth, the answer is Dynamics 365 Sales. This solution takes CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) to a whole new level. Specifically, it helps you better understand the ne [...]


Finance & Operations

Accelerate your business growth with a powerful ERP solution, preferred by leading organizations around the world. Unify the various, financial and operational activities of your business, so as for you to make the right decisions on the spot and gain a competitive edge. Dynamics 365 Finance and O [...]


Business Central

The road to digital transformation does not necessarily have to be a bumpy one. DIS is here to suggest and provide the solutions you need to take your business into the future. Don’t compromise, and don't settle for nothing less than the best. Our unique expertise, combined with Dynamics 365 Busine [...]


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Trust the digital transformation of your business to the experts, DIS and Microsoft Dynamics 365 - the ultimate business software solution that is built for the cloud from the ground up. Microsoft Dynamics 365 eliminates the complexity of different CRM and ERP systems by creating modern, modular b [...]



Transform your ideas to actions with a cloud solution designed especially for you Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based service package that is continuously developed and expanded, to help you meet any and all business challenges. It offers you the freedom to design, manage and develop applications in a [...]


Office 365

Increase your productivity by optimizing the office applications you’re already familiar with, in order to work and collaborate from anywhere, anytime and with any device. Top that -depending on the package you’ll choose- with ample cloud storage to store and share your documents with your colleagu [...]

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