Every modern business is looking for ways to improve their versatility, their timing for launching new services and products, and of course their productivity, so as to stand out among their competition.

The key to achieve this is operation streamlining and seamless communication among different departments. In short, what you need is a modern, highly advanced and still easy-to-use ERP solution.

And that is exactly what Innovative.ERP is!

Innovative.ERP by DIS embodies all our collective experience in serving customers from the most important trade and industry sectors, as well as major Greek and multi-national corporations. It is an advanced and modern business software solution addressed to all medium businesses and enterprises, regardless of their industry. It offers extensive functionalities and meets all the needs of a modern business that is looking for a comprehensive business strategy solution that will help them differentiate, become more competitive and increase their profitability with the right strategic decisions.

Innovative.ERP was developed by Greek engineers, using the most advanced development tools. Its design allows it to be customized based on the Greek reality and the requirements of each customer, while at the same time it integrates all the industry standards pertaining to business software.

Key Features

Innovative.ERP practically covers the four main operational areas of any organization:

  • Financial Management: General accounting, analytical accounting, assets, securities, cash flow, reporting, etc.
  • Commercial Management and Distribution: Inventory, sales, purchasing, receivables, contracts.
  • Production: Data management, auditing, pricing, material requirements planning (MRP).
  • Retail (POS – Touch Screen).


Microsoft Dynamics 365
b-anywhere mobile business
Annata 365 for Dynamics
Business Intelligence
Document Management
Office 365
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Automotive & Machinery
Wholesale & Logistics

The Best Production Module in the Market

Innovative.ERP includes advanced production tools, especially designed for the needs of manufacturing industries. This particular module facilitates production planning, ordering and deliveries, by streamlining all business operations.
In short, the production module of Innovative.ERP can help you:

  • Improve planning;
  • Align supplies with demand;
  • Improve the cooperation between the planning and manufacturing departments;
  • Manage your inventory;
  • Manage your products and components traceability;
  • Reduce your products’ time to market.

Competitive Advantages

Innovative.ERP is designed so as to include different modules, depending on each customer’s needs. A typical example would be the customized CRM module developed for a particular customer, while if you prefer not to opt for a full vertical solution, such as the comprehensive WMS package, DIS can easily integrate the right module.
Furthermore, Innovative.ERP supports the majority of the available commercial software solutions.

In short, the main advantages of Innovative.ERP are the following:

  • It is versatile and can be adjusted to the requirements of the Greek reality
  • It can be deployed on-premise (client/server option) very quickly, without significant customization
  • It is cost-efficient and provides many flexible licensing options
  • It is a comprehensive solution that requires little customization
  • It can support e-invoicing (with a separate license)

By capitalizing on DIS’ knowhow, best business practices and extensive experience, Innovative.ERP includes all the processes and functionalities (combined with exceptional usability) that make it one of the top products in the market, and offers you the best way to take your business to the next level.