The 21st century business model is a reality. Modern businesses are no longer restricted to their offices, nor do they rely on printed documents for their internal and external communications. Modern businesses use cloud-based systems and can communicate with their partners, vendors and employees online, anytime and using any device.

Furthermore, modern businesses keep digital records that are readily accessible from anywhere and can be edited online, enabling multiple users to review and/or approve documents, and have access to all interim versions.

If all these features sound too exciting and you would like to take advantage of them yourselves, as they would magically provide the solution to many of your problems, you are at the right place: DIS has both extensive experience and the necessary knowhow in document management and we can help you deploy a modern document management platform, tailored to your own unique needs, with minimum investment, very quick ROI and without any additional hardware.

The most advanced document, workflow and collaboration management solution preferred by the biggest companies around the world is Microsoft SharePoint. You can choose between a cloud-based or on-premise system (depending on the best solution for your infrastructure), that will allow you to setup your own intranet, upload your data and assign the appropriate access, view and edit rights to the users, as required. With Microsoft SharePoint, all your agreements, contracts, invoices and the other documents you use in your daily communications will be readily available online and accessible from anywhere, anytime.

You can monitor their progress, easily find the information you’re looking for, process any document you want with Office 365, or forward documents for review and/or approval to any partner – all you need is your computer or mobile device! SharePoint is the ideal platform for sharing information, collaborating and keeping up to date all parties involved in a project, team members or different departments of your company.

Forget printing, scanning, file searching and manual editing. Now, with SharePoint, you can streamline your business operations like never before.


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The two main versions are the following:

SharePoint Online

A cloud-based service, suitable for businesses of any size. Instead of installing and deploying SharePoint Server in your infrastructure, you can opt for an Office 365 subscription or the standalone SharePoint Online service. Talk with DIS experts to find the best solution for your business. With SharePoint Online, your employees will be able to create web pages for sharing documents and information with their colleagues, partners and customers.

SharePoint Server

This is the right option for those who want an on-premise installation. SharePoint Server provides additional advanced features, such as Enterprise Content Management, BI, advanced search tools and Newsfeed, and you can use it to create many different types of collaboration sites with varied content, such as documents, lists, calendars, etc. You can choose from the numerous available templates or create your own, and with the Communities feature, you can create wikis and personal profiles, enable skills management, and many more.