If you’re looking for a single mobile platform to organize your sales, service and marketing teams, their on-site and off-site tasks and activities, and optimize communication between these departments, the answer is b-anywhere.

b-anywhere is a state-of-the-art mobile application suite, integrated with cutting-edge mobile technologies, as a result of DIS’s deep experience in Business Applications. It is a flexible, modular tool, suitable for every organization with an organized sales or field service department, that supports many different sectors and professionals, such as medical representatives, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

Productivity at its Best

With b-anywhere your sales team will become even more productive, as they will be able to complete tasks faster and more efficienlty, and your company will improve its practices, having a complete overview of its supply chain and its placement in the sales point.
Furthermore, you can monitor all the activities of your sales department, and identify sales opportunities and market trends.

In short, with b-anywhere you can:

  • Increase the productivity of your personnel;
  • Gain a competitive advantage in terms of budget, revenue and market share;
  • Keep up to date with sales performance;
  • Enhance customer satisfaction;
  • Make accurate sales estimates;
  • Track, record and solve customer issues in real time;
  • Take better advantage of the available resources;
  • Collect and make the most of wide range of data (financial, geographic, time, demographic etc.) using business intelligence tools.


Microsoft Dynamics 365
Annata 365 for Dynamics
Business Intelligence
Document Management
Office 365
Innovative ERP
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Automotive & Machinery
Wholesale & Logistics

A true cross platform, yet native application!

b-anywhere is designed to operate on every mobile platform (Android, iOS και Windows). It is a true cross platform app that enables you to choose the device you prefer to use, thus taking advantage of the mobile devices your sales representatives already possess.

But what puts b-anywhere well ahead its competitors is that it’s designed based on technologies that combine all advantages of hybrid and native applications without any of their disadvantages. In contrast to hybrid web apps that try to simulate the operation and user experience of a mobile app, b-anywhere operates as a true native application in every supported operating system. Furthermore, opposing traditional native applications that need separate development for each platform, b-anywhere is developed cohesively and simultaneously.

This innovative approach has significant advantages:

  • Optimum performance guaranteed by a native app;
  • Seamless integration with each platform’s hardware;
  • Consistent and coherent user experience, resulting familiarity with the application for the users;

  • Faster development and integration of new functionality with the minimum budget.

Independent and Integrable

b-anywhere is developed in a modular philosophy and open architecture, in order to be able to operate independently as well as integrated with any back-office application.

As a result, by communicating directly with your CRM and ERP and leveraging the embedded BI tools, the user has access to extensive information regarding the sales point -including financial, statistical and historical data, marketing campaigns, competition’s presence and course, or any other relevant information- all in his mobile device. Furthermore, b-anywhere supports bidirectional interaction between your sales representatives and back-office, enabling them to input and edit customer details remotely.

DIS has many successful b-anywhere implementations and integrations with all leading CRMs and ERPs in the market. Additionaly, we offer out-of-the box integration with all our business solutions, like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Innovative ERP and Microsoft Power BI. With b-anywhere, you gain a future proof solution that is able to integrate faultlessly with every existing or future back-office solution in your organization.

Unique User Experience

b-anywhere is especially designed to create an intuitive user experience that meets vital business needs:

  • Simplicity: Despite the wealth of information and it’s advanced features, the app does not overwhelm the users. That is achieved by keeping the UI simple and intuitive and presenting what is are absolutely necessary for the task at hand;

  • Mobility: The user has to work on the move and often in inclement conditions with bad lighting and in short time. In b-anywhere, all information is represented in a legible way that makes the most of the limited screen space, while the app has a touch-screen operation designed to get things done in a flash.
  • Speed: The user has limited time and space. Therefore, all operations in the application are executed promptly without any delay;

  • Rich information: b-anywhere collects, processes and visualizes a very large amount of data in a legible and efficient way, regardless the device model and the screen size.

b-anywhere meets all the above and is the right solution for your business. With a familiar and user friendly interface, your sales team boost their productivity in a very short period of time.

At the end of the day, b-anywhere delivers happy users, satisfied customers and, eventually, an increased market share for your organization!

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