DIS received an award in the “Services & Information Systems” category in Sales Excellence Awards 2018 for b-anywhere mobile app SFA.

Into an extremely competitive era, especially for the FMCG indystry, DIS introduced an innovative approach for adopting new mobile technologies for actions regarding the entire Sales Department organization

b-anywhere is a mobile app that allows Administration to gain a 360o strategical view of the final customer and the supply chain, reach new markets, increase its share and establish Just-in-Time practices by reducing inventory cost. The Sales Team knows on the move all pending tasks, solves faster any customers’ issues and manages all commercial processes promptly and efficiently – from an offer, to an order, a delivery and a collection. b-anywhere is specifically designed to allow real time monitoring competition’s presence and course, vital information for every company that wants to be a market leader.

With personalized approach for every customer, depending their industry, as a strategic advandage, b-anywhere helps companies establish and empower their relationships with their customers, through prompt and specialized support.