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We simply cannot work without b-anywhere – it is an absolute necessity, like our phones! As our sales increase, the application meets our expectations, leaving everybody pleased.
Apostolos Anagnostopoulos, CIO
With b-anywhere we gained an extra benefit: significant decrease in returns. This adds a positive point in a company’s decision to invest in this solution.
Yiannis Aloupis, Logistics Manager
Working with DIS for the new sales software system came as a natural development in our partnership. We are so satisfied by DIS’s know-how and support that working with them was a one-way road for us.
Christos Fakalos, Applications Manager
The relationship between the seller and the customer is highly improved. This gives the sales team a new sense of confidence and trust.
Thanos Arvanitis, Sales Network Manager

Chipita  Group of Companies holds a leading position in Greece’s economy growth, with multiple production units all over the world. The software modernization of sales emerged through an overall business change that radically transformed the company. The Sales Department is probably the most important function for every business. Especially for Chipita S.A., the company’s operational complexity made the need to organize and manage sales even more immense.

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Industry: Manufacture & Distribution of Food Products
Customer: Chipita
Founded: 1973
Revenue: € 570 mio
Employees: 4,700
Presence: 19 countries
Exports: 56 countries
Solution: b-anywhere

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