If you operate in manufacturing, retail, health, public sector, tourism or other industries, firstline workers are vital to your organization. They are responsible for helping customers build relationship with your company, products, services and brand. They usually work on the go and need access to every necessary information anywhere, anytime, securely.

Microsoft Teams, the collaboration platform in Office 365, adds three new powerful tools to empower your Firstline Workers, by properly equipping them to meet today’s, tomorrow’s and future needs.

Customizable mobile experience

Firstline Workers work on the go and often share information with their colleagues through mobile devices and chat apps. These tools, however, lack in security and compliance policies. With the new Microsoft Teams customizable mobile experience, every user communicates in an easy, fast and secure way, using new features like location sharing, smart camera and the ability to record and share audio messages.

IT administrators can now create custom policies effortlessly. Each employee has role-based access to the primary Teams features they need, regardless their role, and can further customize their experience to meet their needs. Furthermore, the new analytics experience provides valuable insights around key areas such as Teams usage, user activity and device usage. This information can help you track adoption of Teams and identify opportunities for change management efforts to improve teamwork across the organization.


With the new Shifts functionality in Microsoft Teams you can manage employees’ schedules and shifts. Team members can review schedules, create a new one or make shift requests from their mobile devices, all in real time. This improves collaboration inside the team and facilitates shift management.

The Graph API for Shifts, the schedule management tools in Teams, enables seamless integration between Shifts and workforce management systems. Managers and employees can now access, manage and share all necessary information, without leaving Teams.

The new Graph API for Shifts will be in public preview this quarter


Firstline Workers play a key role in representing a company’s brand, especially in industries like retail. However, this segment of the workforce experiences some of the highest turnover rates. As a result, the quality of the services provided to the final customer lowers. The new Praise tool gives managers and employees a simple and fun way to recognize coworkers, right in the Teams app where the whole team can see it. This improves the employees’ satisfaction and lowers turnover rates.