As profit margins are continuously shrinking, competition is rising and direct availability for an increasing number of product codes is required, wholesale and logistics are now facing more challenges than ever before.

The primary need of this industry can be summarized as follows:

Dynamic change and direct response to the needs of an ever-changing industry

It may sound somewhat generic, but those involved in wholesale and logistics are very well aware of the fact that this is an actual need, a constant pain point for management and a true headache when it comes to daily operations.

Successful businesses in this industry have put their trust in DIS to provide them with the flexibility (perhaps the most important asset for any modern business) they need, through our fully customized solutions. We can meet all the unique needs and requirements of any business striving for overall operational efficiency, which is the most essential factor in the logistics and wholesale industry.

By analyzing and understanding the market conditions in depth, DIS can provide you with a comprehensive, open and at the same time rigidly defined solution for the wholesale industry that will be fully integrated with your existing infrastructure. This optimization applies to every stage of your business operations – from sales and delivery to purchase planning, storage, management and, of course, reporting – thus leading to further improvements, and so on.

In terms of logistics and distribution, DIS provides comprehensive warehouse management (WMS – Warehouse Management System), and can also fully support distribution either this is handled by your business or a third party (3PL – 3rd Party Logistics). Our solutions are based on the various available versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and can work with any third-party system you may be already using, so that your initial investment is protected and your business operations are unified.


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