The services sector stands as a cornerstone in the global economy, with particular significance in the Greek market. Characterized by its profound diversity, this industry encompasses a spectrum of businesses varying in profiles and sizes, united by their commitment to delivering services to end customers and businesses.

While the notion may suggest that service providers are inherently conducive to digital transformation initiatives, the reality presents a more nuanced landscape. In numerous cases, if not the majority, services rendered defy full standardization. A myriad of criteria, rules, and exceptions come into play, influencing available options and costs, with the personal and qualitative dimensions consistently holding sway. These complexities necessitate specialized adaptations and vertical solutions, underscored by a requisite degree of flexibility. Such solutions must adeptly address a myriad of needs, spanning project management, customer service, advertising, field service, and beyond.

Our commitment to innovation is reflected in substantial investments, yielding solutions that comprehensively address every facet of the services industry. Leveraging our extensive experience and successful execution of critical projects for organizations with intricate operations, we assure our capability to navigate and implement solutions for even the most intricate and multifaceted projects.


Customer Service

Log customers and partners inquiries through various channels. Use Dynamics 365 Customer Service to respond fast and increase their loyalty.

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AI / Customer Insights

Unlock insights and power personalized experiences with a flexible customer data platform that unifies all your data to a single view of your customer.

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Discover and follow up business opportunities, build healthy relationships with customers and increase your sales with Dynamics 365 Sales. Understand your customers’ needs deeper with powerful AI tools.

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Use Dynamics 365 Marketing to perform market segmentation, schedule customers journeys and execute and track marketing activities end-to-end.

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ERP / Finance

Use Dynamics 365 Finance, a powerful ERP solution, to connect, automate and modernize all your business processes. Monitor performance in real time and predict future outcomes, while ensuring full compliance.

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Project Service Automation

Manage your projects from sales to scheduling and invoicing from Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation, a single application and deliver on time and within budget.

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  • Improved insights on their operations;
  • Flexible and customizable processes;
  • Exceptional ease of use;
  • Valuable information and reporting;
  • Shorter delivery times;
  • Lower operating expenses and maximized profitability;
  • A modern solution that meets both their current and future needs;

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