The retail industry is one of the most demanding industries in the world. This is also true in Greece as well, since the retail industry appears to be not only exceptionally competitive but also quite advanced in terms of technology infrastructure.

We specialize in the retail industry, having a unique knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, the ultimate solution for any retail business. With experienced engineers, significant successful implementations and many years of experience with this product, we design and implement projects that are entirely tailored to the needs of each individual customer.

This specialization is the result of a long-term investment that goes back more than 10 years. We monitor and study every new trend in retail and integrate the industry’s best practices with state of the art technologies. In this way, we can offer to our customers the competitve advantage they need in such a sensitive and demanding industry.


POS / Commerce

Improve your customers’ engagement with omni-channel experiences, build your brand’s loyalty and simplify your operations with Dynamics 365 Commerce.

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Connected Store

Enable your store employees to provide optimal shopping experiences through triggered alerts based on real-time data from video cameras and IoT sensors.

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Fraud Protection

Use the power of AI to protect your e-commerce business, and your customers, against fraud and provide a frictionless and secure shopping experience.

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AI / Customer Insights

Unlock insights and power personalized experiences with a flexible customer data platform that unifies all your data to a single view of your customer.

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Use Dynamics 365 Marketing to perform market segmentation, schedule customers journeys and execute and track marketing activities end-to-end.

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Customer Service

Log customers and partners inquiries through various channels. Use Dynamics 365 Customer Service to respond fast and increase their loyalty.

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And if you’re interested in deploying an on-premise retail solution, we have the necessary resources and experience to meet this need as well.

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