From pharmaceuticals and clothing to food and beverages, DIS has a strong customer base and significant specialization that enables us to meet the needs of one of the most important industries in every market, manufacturing.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Suite and its cloud functionality, we can offer you exactly what this industry requires: a fully unified solution that optimizes the production and supply chain performance, with features that focus on your customers and the constant need for quick response to market changes.


Supply Chain Management

Transform your manufacturing and supply chain operations with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Maximize operational efficiency and product quality with the power of AI and Internet of Things.

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Enterprise Asset Management

Maximize the life of your assets from acquisition to retirement. Plan and predict all types of maintenance more effectively and reduce your operational costs and production downtime.

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Discover and follow up business opportunities, build healthy relationships with customers and increase your sales with Dynamics 365 Sales. Understand your customers’ needs deeper with powerful AI tools.

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  • Profitable products through comprehensive production cost control on all levels;
  • End-to-end management of all production processes;
  • Supplier management that takes into account the unique characteristics of every supplier;
  • Opportunities to stand out from their competition;
  • Efficient and aligned operations;
  • Flexibility and adaptability;
  • Quick response to market requirements and competition.

With DIS solutions, our customers in the manufacturing industry enjoy a series of best practices that only our know-how can provide. You no longer have to think about how you’ll make the transition to the digital era or start your journey towards digital transformation. We will guide you along this journey and get you ahead of competition by offering you the lead and the operational efficiency that your industry requires.


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