The automotive, and the machinery industry in general, have unique characteristics and therefore, such businesses need a specialized IT partner to help them develop.

This is exactly the kind of specialization that some of the biggest organizations in the Greek automotive and machinery industry have found in DIS.

One of the most important, unique characteristics of this industry, and the one requiring advanced experience and know-how, is the need to manage all traded products throughout their life cycle, from production to sale.

Product life cycle management requires a deep understanding of the industry and also specialized solutions – and this is exactly what DIS can offer with Annata 365 for Dynamics. It is worth noting that DIS has proceeded to customize this solution to the Greek reality, which is indicative of our know-how and specialization.

All the above apply to a wide range of businesses, the most typical example being perhaps the cars and motorcycles market, as well as to other markets, such as after sales service, rentals and/or leasing, heavy-duty machinery, and others.

DIS has completed some exceptional installations and has significant customers in these markets, such as Saracakis, AHI Carrier, Motodynamics and others. It is also worth noting that our customers, after enjoying the benefits of our solutions and a significant Return On Investment, tend to make further investments either in additional features or more flexible management methods, etc. We are always by our customers’ side, whenever they decide to invest in an upgrade or scale their solution, analyzing their needs and proposing the optimal solution for each individual case.


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