DIS and KRI-KRI S.A. received an award for the implementation of  b-anywhere mobile SFA app in the “Mobility & Mobile Applications” category of IMPACT BITE Awards 2018. More than 550 top-tier executives attended the ceremony, which took place on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at Athens Racetrack.

Our entry won first place in the “Mobility & Mobile Application” category, receiving the Silver award with b-anywhere, an application specially designed to allow the monitoring and assessment of the sales points, as well as the competition’s presence and course in real-time.

DIS introduced an innovative approach for adopting new mobile technologies for actions regarding the entire Sales Department organization and obtaining a 360 degree view of the final consumer and the supply chain. b-anywhere is the right tool for every company that wants to build customer loyalty and increase its market share, by reducing time and budget.