Strongly supporting actions aiming to equip the business world with all necessary tools in view of the unexpected future, DIS sponsored the InsurTECH 2021 Conference, that was successfully completed on Thursday, January 21.

The insurance industry stands at one of the most crucial points, where the pandemic requires a cohesive tech strategy across the whole business and above all, a shift towards digital transformation.

DIS has a deep knowledge of the challenges that the sector comes across. In this context, Mr. Tasos Vidalakis, Business Development Manager for Customer Engagement at DIS, shared that knowledge, presenting the transformation of insurance operations through investing in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and how this operational model will help companies conquer these challenges. Specifically, he focused on the fast-emerging Insurance-as-a-Service era and expanded upon the undisputable value of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, as the fundamental key of the transition of the Insurance Industry to the new post-Covid age.

Acknowledging that new rules and approaches are required across the entire insurance industry, DIS remains true to its mission to drive digital transformation and help businesses adopt a new operational model, so as for them to overcome both current and future challenges.