IAPR electronic books become part of Greek businesses’ routine through the new electronic platform myData (my Digital Accounting and Tax Application). This new reality promotes digital transformation in the Greek economy, by facilitating businesses and reducing their operational cost regarding their tax obligations fulfillment.

In DIS, we have designed and developed the complete integration of all our ERP solutions, both on-premise and cloud, with myData platform, ensuring a seamless operation for our customers from day one.

What do we offer?

  • Full integration with IAPR myData platform for the transmission of the necessary financial data
  • Automated classification of the Accounting Documents, according to the IAPR guidelines
  • VAT classification per Accounting Document
  • Accounting Document lines grouping per classification
  • Instant agreement with your suppliers’ Accounting Documents
  • Instant transmission of other Accounting Entries, such as payroll, amortizations, etc.
  • Orderly transition not only to the new procedures, but also to possible future change requirements
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Whom do e-books concern?

All Businesses and other entities keeping Accounting Records pursuant to the GAS and in accordance with more specific legal provisions.

What is entered into the e-Books?

  • Α Summary of the Business input/output Accounting Source Documents
  • Classification of the transactions entered
  • Accounting Entries necessary to assess the accounting and tax results for each year

When does the myData platform operation begin?