The Empowering Agile Insights Conference, organized by Boussias Communications and Frontira, was successfully completed on Tuesday, January 19.

DIS sponsored the conference at one of the most critical points, when the pandemic requires an agile approach, as well as the digital transformation across the entire spectrum of industries.

In this framework, Mr. Tasos Vidalakis, Business Development Manager for Customer Engagement at DIS, shared his insights with regards to how to “Make marketing and sales operations agile through cloud software”, highlighting the importance of agility in this ever-changing environment and ways for businesses to fit it into their operational and management framework, strategy, sales and marketing. Specifically, he emphasized on the value of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions that come to radically transform businesses’ operations from top to bottom, making them compatible with new era. There is only one answer to this new-age rather complex equation and that’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 bizApps.

Nowadays’ business world is under radical change that demands brand new methodologies. Being always at the forefront of challenges to come and with its expertise and deep knowledge of best business practices as its key allies, DIS comes to offer top quality services, tailored to businesses’ needs, while strengthening them towards an even more demanding future.