DIS, an active member of SEV, sponsored the Annual General Assembly held on Wednesday, June 14, 2023 at the “Athens Concert Hall”.
The proceedings of the General Assembly had the key message “Action today, Perspective for tomorrow” (#SEV4Growth) and highlighted the challenges and perspectives of businesses for the next period. A detailed account of the activities of the SEV was done, with emphasis on the strengthening of the footprint of the Association on members, the society and the economy.
DIS, as a member and sponsor of SEV, was there to contribute again this year, to empowerment of the Association. The perspective for tomorrow is based on the digital business transformation which is the only way that will lead the Greek businesses to sustainability and development.
DIS plays an important role in this direction.
DIS is the only Microsoft System Integrator that has been certified for Business Applications in Greece with the highest 100% specialization score (designation) worldwide.