Actively standing by actions that aim to empower the Greek entrepreneurship, DIS comes to support the “Innovative Greeks” international digital conference, organized by SEV and Endeavor Greece.

The event will take place on 2 & 3 March 2021, while successful entrepreneurs, global executives and important members of the State will share their experience and knowledge on how the Greek innovation ecosystem can grow.

Acknowledging that innovation, which lies at the core of DIS’ philosophy, constitutes the means to drive the Greek business world towards gaining a strong competitive edge, the company comes to sponsor this unique initiative, endlessly supporting businesses with regards to their digital transformation. Besides, contributing decisively to the increase of the Greek entrepreneurship’s competitiveness through providing cutting-edge, innovative and future-proof services, is DIS’ main priority.

The purpose of this common cause is to unite all businessmen of the Greek innovation ecosystem globally. The participants will be given the chance to discover new opportunities, work with leading companies, gain know-how, explore new markets and grow internationally.