DIS has always been supporting actions that focus on empowering the business sector with all essential technological tools to manage the demanding present and lead in a future of uncertainty. In this framework, the company will be the Gold Sponsor at the upcoming Cloud Computing Conference, organized by Boussias Communications.

The event that will take place on 31 March 2021 comes to expand upon the cloud technology’s full capitalization and its vital role with regards to the business world’s shift to a smooth digital transformation.

DIS is one of the Greek pioneers in the cloud adoption and localization, while staying by the businesses’ side, so as for them to gain a strong competitive edge and be sufficiently prepared for both current and upcoming challenges. Demonstrating the company’s long-standing effort in this respect, this initiative will revolve around:

  • Strategic schemes, regarding the shifting to the cloud process
  • Ways to reduce operational costs without compromising the desired results

  • Cloud native applications as the technology’s next generation functionalities

  • Cloud’s security and localization

  • Enlightening case studies

In this context, DIS’ insider, Mr. Tasos Vidalakis, Business Development Manager for Customer Engagement, and Mr. Ioannis Poulis, IT Manager at AHI Carrier South Eastern Europe Air Conditioning, will share their views upon AHI Carrier success story, with regards to the company’s business & digital transformation in 14 countries, implemented successfully by DIS.

The conference’s participants will be given the chance to discover everything around the cloud architecture and the endless list of benefits of a technology that has already proven to be the new commodity for the enterprise world and the ultimate path towards substantial growth.