We drive corporate digital transformation by implementing modern business practices and software solutions that are built for the Cloud, today! Our mission is to provide high-quality IT services and solutions that not only meet our customers’ needs, but also conform to their vision for competitiveness and development. We achieve it through expertise and profound knowledge of modern business practices, combined with our continuous efforts to develop and evolve.

Our mission

Understanding our customers’ requirements and needs, and helping them realize their vision and achieve their goals, are the main priorities of DIS. To this end, we offer top-level, high-quality IT services that will help you gain a competitive edge.
At the same time, we are committed to providing services and products that are distinguished for their innovative nature, by taking advantage of new technologies.

Our mission in DIS is therefore clear: To fully meet the current needs of our customers, and develop innovative products and solutions that are future proof. And this goal is best achieved by offering true power (tools, information and features) to people, as we truly believe it is them who play the most critical part in success.

Our vision has essentially remained the same throughout the years and is consistent with our important heritage, as we always do our best to become the most reliable and valuable IT partner for all our customers, helping them shape their vision for digital transformation and convert it to an actual, viable result.

Years of leading market presence
Successful IT project implementations
Greek and multinational enterprises in our clientele
Certifications in cutting-edge technologies

Our values

We create the opportunities and the required environment for people to unleash their creativity, take full advantage of their knowledge, and handle each and every project in the most efficient way.
We remain true to our values which are:

  • Long-term relationships with our customers and partners based on mutual trust
  • Customer-oriented philosophy
  • Flexibility and usability are core values of our solutions

  • Efficient, secure and reliable technical support
  • Cost and investment value alignment

  • Optimal customer service throughout our products’ and services’ life-cycle
  • Effective management of business challenges through continuous innovation.

Our history

DIS S.A. was founded in 2006, in Athens-Greece, and has become one of the most prominent system integrators in the region, continuing an important legacy that goes back several decades. As a direct Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, DIS provides, manages and supports Microsoft cloud-based solutions such as Dynamics 365, Azure, Office 365, EMS (Enterprise Mobility & Security Suite), PowerBI and SharePoint, offering the most comprehensive cloud experience a business could ask for.

At the same time, DIS has developed the Innovative suite, a complete ERP platform with CRM, Retail, WMS and other functionalities, and iAnywhere, a flexible and modern Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution with CRM, X-VAN, Merchandising and other functionalities.

Our products and services are addressed to a wide range of businesses and industries, such as Wholesale and Retail, Construction, Distribution, Automotive and the Service industry. Our customer base includes more than 200 major companies from different industries, while DIS also has a strong international presence, having successfully completed Dynamics projects in Germany, the UK and the Middle East.

DIS was included by ICAP among the Strongest Companies in Greece for 2010 & 2011, and we remain true to our vision to help our customers design and implement their own digital transformation strategy.

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