DIS sponsored the 23rd Roundtable with the Government of Greece, hosted by Economist on July 16 & 17 at Grand Resort Lagonissi.

Our company was present at this significant event, proving its continuous endorsement to the Greek enterprises by equipping them with the necessary tools to transform and grow.

Political, business and academic executives met to this roundtable to discuss all the social, political and economic issues that concern both Greece and Europe.

Members of the new Greek government presented the important decisions they will make concerning the country’s future, as well as all the risks and how they can overcome them. A significant part of the discussion was about highlighting the country’s and its citizens’ potential and how these possibilities can help us emerge from the crisis.

Distinguished international speaker, like Victoria Nuland, Hans Vijlbrief and Peter Dohlman discussed about the challenge Europe faces, to exit the indecisiveness crisis that has been created and how the European governments manage their citizens’ anger that has been created mostly out of socio-economic criteria.